Spousal Man Abuse On The Rise In Wyoming

A new trend has been silently growing amongst the small community in Casper and that trend is women abusing their boyfriend/husband/side man. One man at the center of the controversy Stan Dupp has been the whistle blower and staple towards a solution and bringing light to this very scary trend. 

Stan was a stand out child, always had good grades, was top in band class, the debate team and the first boy to play volleyball on the high school girls volleyball team which one state three out of the four years. After high school Stan met his wife at the courthouse while paying a parking ticket. Helen Hywater was her name and leaving court for domestic violence was her game, they shared a dinner together that night and the rest was history. Years later before the divorce Stan lost his job due to missing work on account of continuously falling down the stairs at home, after he lost his job an ex co-worker decided to do a surprise visit to his home where he witnessed the crime. The co-worker stated, “Stan was doing dishes as his wife sat on the couch watching nascar and drinking Mikes Hard when she needed another one, she yelled at Stan to grab one but Stan grabbed the peach and not the wild berry, that’s when Hellen snapped, she flat palmed Stan so hard in the right nostril that Stan was knocked clean out, she then told me to get my butter melted and slip the f*#k out of here, so I did”.

Stan has uncovered that more than 75% of relationships in Wyoming have an abusive woman behind them, Stan is hoping that the new bare knuckle brawling tournaments will help bring awareness to this trend and make relationships equal again. Stan says it’s time for men to put the sandwich making down and pickup a shovel, we will dig our way out of this one. He has also started a new hashtag for battered men to show support for the cause, #beatmeat across all social media platforms.

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