Platte River Fishery Nightmare Exposed By The Cold

Earlier this morning a couple at the Robertson Road boat ramp found an unusual looking fish washed up next to the ramp, as they examined it they realized this fish was not normal and contacted Fish and Game. 

Warden Ben Cummins arrived on scene to make one of the most alarming discoveries to hit the North Platte since Mills was invented, an 8Lb 3oz monster snake head fish. The fish has been terrorizing fisheries on the east coast for years, migrating up from Florida after being illegally introduced by black market fish sales. This is the first discovery of this fish this far west and an alarming one at that, if there is one, especially this size, then there are more and unfortunately the Platte is full of food. Fish and Game is putting a task force together before the river freezes armed with boats and shocking rods to hopefully cut this invasion off before it gains ground, the task force will be named FAP which stands for “Fish And Protect”. 

As of now, there is nothing we can do about this discovery besides plan for the worse, at the very least this could be the only one but we can’t guarantee that and can’t chance our world famous fishery being compromised by such a viscous invasive species.

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