Old Man Emerges From Bitterroot Mountains Claims To Be 2 Pac

Sunday morning an elderly African American  man emerged from the Bitterroot Mountains and claimed he was 2 pac, he said “I have been in the Mountains finding his inner peace for 21 years, 21 one years, I’m ready to come home, my bones can’t take it”. 

After a quick DNA test compared to 2 pacs DNA taken in 1990, it was a complete 100% match, he is currently not taking any interviews as he readjusts to society again and we are told he is very thrilled to see how his music has inspired people for decades and can’t wait to tell his story of survival while trying to find himself.


A recorded statement will be delivered on May 23, by 2 pac himself from a homestead on the edge of the Bitterroots, we are looking forward to seeing the interview from the legend himself.

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