New Worlds Tallest Dog Crowned In Belt, Montana

An accidental run in leads to new largest dog in the world. Ken Jizzims was on a pheasant hunt just outside the town of Belt, MT when he drew on a few cocks flying their way, Ken pulled the trigger, heard the thump and watched the cock go limp, what happened next was amazing.

Shortly after the cock was down, a row of erect trees started to shake, their fear was a wild pussy cat, which run rampant in this area, mostly diseased closer to Great Falls. As they stared at the trees shaking, it emerged, blinking and rubbing their eyes, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing! A 6’5” dog at the shoulders, a dog named Shaft Vein. Shaft Vein is a purebred Great Dane mixed with what only could be horse, Ken immediately contacted his friend who runs Dogs International Council Klub, better known as D.I.C.K, they immediately got measurements of the beast and crowned Shaft Vein the new largest dog in the world, they quickly snapped this photo of Vein, next to a utility tractor, making it look like a kids toy. Congratulations Belt, you are now on the map!

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