New Runner For Mayor Of North Casper, Mayo Spice

In an amazing turn of events, a new choice has been added to the ballot for Mayor of North Casper and he goes by the name Mayo Spice. Mayo Spice has been a long term resident of North Casper, he grew up in da streets there, Mayo Spice says, “I know ha ta run dat town, I alsready run it, jus wanna run it legitly ya mean?”. 


The one thing Mayo Spice is worried about is his homeboys thinking he is selling out, turning his back to the hood. Mayo promises to reduce the police force down to one officer part time, no speed limits and lower the drinking age to 8, the same age he was one he did his first line off a thot. 

The voting will be taking place early next month after food stamps have been deposited, so Mayo Spice and his peeps can throw a bbq for the neighborhood.

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