New Details On Fisher Opening Up In Yellowstone Last Week


Fishers are dangerous no matter how you look at them but this last week in Yellowstone, Fisher opened up about the shooting in 1992 involving her shooting Amy Buttafuoco, the wife of her boyfriend Joey Buttafuoco when she was 17. 

The world was sent into overdrive last week when news erupted about fisher opening up in Yellowstone, conspiracy theorists and Ancient Alien Historians went full throttle to explain the reasoning for it but Amy wants everyone to rest assure that she just wanted to get her feelings out about the situation and Yellowstone was the perfect location to do so. I had no intention of this causing a panic among North American and Canadian residents.

I actually find it disgusting that the media mislabeled my emotions as hundreds of feet deep, I have had it buried but just below my skin which is a fraction of what they reported, I am not a signal of the end of times or a volcano erupting, just a city girl getting back to her roots and opening up about my life. 

Where you scared when hearing the news of fisher opening up? Let us know.

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