Natrona County Emergency Response Dispatch To Alcova

Just moments ago, Jim Lahey a camper in Alcova on a cross country trip from DartmouthNova Scotia sent in these photos along with a short description. 

“We have been out here camping for a few days, I got up at 4:35a.m., I’m use to getting up that early due to me running a trailer park back home. Ricky, Julian and I heard a deep whistle with a kind of bass to it, We looked up and the object hit the water just 100 km in front of us, was even splashed with the water, which scared our friend bubbles cat, we are still trying to find it. Just about an hour ago, the Natrona County Emergency Response crew showed up to our camp in full diving gear, they did not tell me anything but did confirm they are looking for the object that went into the water, it was picked up on The Casper Airport radar.”

We have a reporter on the way to the scene, to get conclusive evidence, The Airport and the county emergency response have not returned our calls, but we will not be dropping this story, we will send an update once the reporter has reached the scene.

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