Local Fecal Artist Going Global

Local artist Fekal Mather has been creating his fecal art for decades and has now been accepted to put his art on display for six months at The International Art Museum. His artwork has caused many to turn there heads for years considering the material he uses, human feces. Most of the time the feces is his own but he does use donations as well from clean, vegan people, he says the consistency is far greater with a vegan. It takes Fekal 3 to 4 weeks to complete one of his artworks depending on the level of difficulty of the piece. In a statement given to Casper Planet, Fekal stated, "I am very excited to finally get the notoriety this art form deserves. I try to work good that hasn't been completely digested into the piece and sometimes, depending on the density and temperature it has to be hand kneaded for up to 30 minutes, it's a very difficult art to master.". We are excited for his new opportunity to put Casper on the art map, globally. 

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