How Wyoming Is Connected To Hawaii’s Volcano Eruptions

It’s no secret that Yellowstone’s Steamboat Geyser has been erupting more than it ever has in history, but what scientists have figured out is that Steamboat and the volcano in Hawaii are indeed actually connected. In reflection, the geyser was actually an early warning system, as one of the 35 different lava tubes connecting the super volcano of Yellowstone with the Hawaiian Islands volcanos ruptured under pressure beneath the ocean, blow all the steam from that rupture all the way out the geyser in Yellowstone. The parks biologists confirmed this by taking samples of the water that came out of the geyser, testing it and the results came back positive for salt water. 

The magnitude of the geyser this year was twice as much as it has been in recent history, but finding the connection between the two just adds more credibility to Yellowstone being the largest volcano in the world, scientists now believe that the volcano may be so large that it in fact connects to more than 7 other volcanoes around the world. The eruptions on the islands as sad as it is, is actually taking pressure off of the super volcano in Yellowstone, preventing a catastrophic volcanic event. The parks volcanic science department is scheduled to release more statements tomorrow on their new findings.

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