First Wind Energized Oil Rig Put In Production In Wyoming

First Wind Powered Rig Hits Wyoming Oilfields

In an effort to keep fossil fuel consumption down Naibors engineered an oil rig that uses wind power to energize their drilling while drilling for oil instead of burning common fossil fuels such as diesel, gas and propane. The new rig cuts the usage of fuels and leaves a clean footprint for the environment while continuing to supply the world with more fossil fuels. 

This is just one step forward in the battle to fight fossil fuels while still supplying the much needed resource. Naibors said in a statement, “The need for clean energy is apparent so we are utilizing the power of the earth to drill for oil, uniting two industries that have been long apart for decades, we feel this is the start of not only bringing the energy industry’s together but the country as well.” 

Wyoming’s 4th district has approved 37 of these rigs to drill production wells in areas that have been protected due to its energy efficiency and zero noise pollution capability, which will not immediately cause stress to blue grouse during mating season and in a sense, starting that boom back up that the economy desperately needs.

Are you all for the new wind powered oil rig?

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