First Snow Spider Spotted In Douglas Winter Has Officially Arrived

Winter has been unpredictable to most since the invention of the weatherman, except for people of central Wyoming. Wyoming has many secrets and one of them has been knowing when winter is officially in full gear and that secret is the snow spider.

This tool for winter predictions dates back to the anals of the oldest historic books in Wyoming, the oldest record of the spider is from 1723 when Chief BearFondel would predict every winter for their annual migrations. War Generals would even use them as an indication to order cold weather supply and more oil for lamps due to the extended nights that winter brings. 

These spiders are native to Wyoming, they hibernate during the summers, then emerge during winter to forage for small rodents such as mice. Although these spiders are small (about a quarter in diameter) their bite packs a punch that will take down a mouse within 30 minutes, they stalk their prey, sometimes from below the snow then administer a bite. After their victim has been injected with their poison, the spider simply follows the animal until it succumbs to its poison, then the spider feast for weeks on the kill. The spiders poison is so unique that it does not affect animals such as hawks, eagles, fox and coyotes that might slurp up their catch.

thanks to Jared K. For the update


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