First Grizzly In Over 57 Years Killed In Wyoming With Auctioned Tag

Wyoming Grizzly Tag Auctioned Off To 89 Year Old Resident Of Jackson Hole 

Recently a Judge out of Missoula, Montana blocked a Grizzly Bear season, which would have been the first one in over 57 years, so the department of licensing at F&G decided to fight back in cooperation with Wyoming government by issuing one tag to the highest bidder. 

One week ago, behind closed doors, F&G held an online auction and after just 15 minutes of bidding 89 year old Ben Diddik, a high roller out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming put in his winning bid of $678,925. After the auction Ben said, “I bought this tag for my beautiful wife that just moved here from California. She wants to turn the hide into a soft shower mat in our new home so her feet don’t get cold on the tile, this way the bear will not go to waste.” 

On Sunday October 28th, the couple drove to the edge of Yellowstone Park where they spotted an incredibly large Grizzly just inside the border of the park. They pulled into the ditch and waited. After 45 minutes, the bear finally started walking in their direction, Ben handed his wife the rifle, put one in the chamber, rested it on the hood of their truck, made sure no traffic was coming to shoot across the highway and pulled the trigger. It was a clean shot at 15 yards where the bear dropped and died immediately 20 minutes later. F&G says, “This bear is definitely one for the record books and was the largest one in the Rocky Mountain region, we are waiting for the official score, it was also identified as the waving bear that recently went viral online”.

This Grizzly hunt marks the first Grizzly taken in Wyoming in over 57 years. Ben and his new wife Silk plan on auctioning off the meat, head and claws after it has been processed. The photo below captures the exciting moment these love birds bagged a record Yellowstone Grizzly Bear and captured the heart of America.

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