First Bioengineered Ruby Trout Caught On North Platte

It has been somewhat kept quite in recent years of the collaboration between the Game and Fish and Bessemer Bend fish hatcheries new genetic creation department but it is now coming to light after a recent catch West of Casper. 

Professional fishing guide Lexington Steal was fishing the banks of the Platte testing his new custom built huge rod when he got a hit like no other, Lexington said, “All I saw was a flash of blue, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, maybe just a weird reflection from the sun, but when I netted it, I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was like an emerald blue trout, I had no clue what it was so I called the game and fish”.

The Game and Fish Arrived to inform the angler that he has in fact caught the first ever genetically modified cross Ruby Trout, a fish the hatchery and Game and Fish had been keeping under wraps until they knew what it would do in the wild. Spokesman Richard Stiff on behalf of both the hatchery and Game and Fish said, “This new completely created species of fish gets its color from the process we use in artificially creating the eggs and the hatching process where extreme temperatures are used, the fish is designed to not bite until it reaches four pounds, has a territory that extends thirty miles in each direction of release and puts up the fight of a twenty pound angry Pike, this fish has done very well on its own in the Platte River. We have created this fish to preserve the population of our other natural and native trouts in this stretch of river and we look forward to planting more in the waters in the fall”.

Is this “created” trout the first step in the next wave of trophy fishing, Created to be caught?

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