Casper, WY Uses Penny Tax For New Vending Machines


The city of Casper held a private voting session of one person, to pass a bill that allows the city to purchase 1,500 meth vending machines to be placed around town.

The bill passed, so the penny tax fund was used to purchase the vending machines and start scouting locations for the new machines. One council member stated, “Casper’s meth disease has reached an all time high, the only way to treat this disease is to cater to it, safely, without being scared of paying strangers for it. These machines will bring the crime rate down considerably over the next four years. Voting season is coming up as well.”

The machines are projected to go through three and a half tons of the product weekly, the product will be made organically in a government and FDA approved environment to maintain safe levels and quality. 

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