Casper’s API Chilli Cook Off Success Births Hike In Toilet Sales

The highly successful API chilli cook off has an unlikely side effect in the form of increased sales. The day following the chilli cook off, toilets, jeans and toilet paper were nearly sold out in the entire city.

Plumbers could hardly hold in their excitement for the new flow of business, their phones were exploding with calls as the chilli from the previous day punished the porcelain chairs of remorse. Some toilets breaking from the force of a good “bowel” of chilli and even some jeans splitting down the back from explosive air biscuits. There was also one report of a man who had to reupholster a leather seat in his brand new pickup, he is now out of the hospital after receiving 24 stitches.

This years chilli cook off received a rating of number 2, the highest rating in recent history. The winner for best chilli was named “Not so glory hole”, made with 11 chili’s and 1 spices.

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