Blue Man Group Sues Will Smith

The Blue Man Group is offended and have filed a lawsuit against Will Smith for wearing "Blue Face" in the upcoming Aladdin movie.

The famous blue man group from the early 2000’s who put out hits such as, the Macarena, Photograph and Enter Sandman are filing a lawsuit against Will Smith for wearing blue face. The group said in a statement, “He is completely mocking our heritage, blue face lives matter too!(weird dancing commences)." Mr. Smith has refused to release a statement due to being in a meditation cleanse that lasts thirty days, but his son spoke on his behalf saying, “If you cup your hands towards the sky in the rain a butterfly is born, hot pockets....”, then his faced transformed from happy to sad.

The new Aladdin has made plenty of waves across the Internet at it's inception. Rotten Tomatoes was under the impression that is was the long sought sequel to James Cameron's Avatar, while others thought it was a Takeshi69 video that sampled Eiffel 65's smash hit Blue. Fans were taken back to learn that it was, in fact, a live action remake of Aladdin.

On a side note, the blue man group have a lawsuit against them to replace the word, “men” in their name with, “people” by an all inclusive activist group named “Every1”. In a world torn by racial divide, will these lawsuits finally bring an end to “inclusivity”?

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