White Claw Unveils A New Flavor

Brown Gravy White Claw

In the wake of the success of their new Mango flavor, Whit Claw has launched a new flavor that is sure to leave drinkers wanting more.

Coming this fall, Whit Claw will be unveiling their new Brown Gravy flavor that's set to accompany Thanksgiving dinner. Taking note from Jones Soda's holiday line, Whit Claw will be starting a savory line of flavors starting with Brown Gravy.

Spokesman for White Clawe, Yule Tydee, has released the following statement:

"People like Whit Claw. We've proven that they'll drink whatever we put out. There was an influx of fake mango flavoring and we bought it for pennies on the dollar. We added a couple drops and it sold like wildfire. Which is ironic, because a wildfire is what took down the factory that made the mango flavoring. We know the masses will be onboard with our new savory line, because they don't know anything that's good for them."

Set to come out mid-November, Brown Gravy will be the starting lineup being followed by Yams, Black Olive Juice, Garlic Bulb, and Grandma's Heavy Perfume.

Look on store shelves soon, as a sneak preview will be set to launch this month and will only be limited to a couple crates per store.

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