Colorado Is Fighting Back Chronic Waisting Disease In Deer With Electric Fences

Chronic waisting disease has hit Colorado hard and bluntly, but farmers are fighting back to protect their most prized new crop, marijuana. Locals gave the name “Chronic wasting disease” after deer kept intruding into their crops and eating the buds off of their crops, costing them $100,000’s of thousands of dollars in damage. The cure? Giant electric fences that will serve up a very uncomfortable shock, making the deer second guess it’s journey for enlightenment. 

There is also a bill, 420 Chronic Waste that people can vote on to help fund erecting massive fences around crops of farmers and government crops as well. Not only does this chronic wasting affect chronic crops but it also hits nearby homes where deer have been eating anything and everything from bird seed to tires after snacking in chronic crops. 


If you or or anyone you know is experiencing chronic wasting disease in Colorado, make sure you tag them in this story or share it with them so they know to vote yes on 420. 

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