New Cat Movement Shining Light On Cross Species Rape


In July of 2017 it was leaked by an anonymous Veterinarian that there has been an uprising of cats being raped by other species such as dogs, goats and other house pets. According to “Pet Elite Weekly Club”, this has been an unspoken event taking place for decades in this little known behind the scenes world of cats rarely seen. 

During an investigation late last year a very prominent cat breeder, who will not be named was taken in to custody for allowing numerous dogs to take advantage of cats in order to be offered to better homes, it is rumored that the breeder even allowed one of his dogs to ejaculate into a litter box in front of another cat who was trying to get adopted. 

In the last few weeks many cats have been stepping forward and announcing that they are victims. Celebrity cat, “Purranna Burke” has started the new, #meowtoo movement which has taken over the media, pet stores and slum neighborhoods in the city by storm. 

Which brings us to this, do you really know your cat? Is your dog as innocent as they play or are they giving you those puppy dog eyes to hide the truth?

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