Biden Brush Hits Market

Biden Brush - Infinity +1 Snews

Former Vice President to Barack Obama, Joe Biden, has released a new hair brush known as the "Biden Brush."

Marketed towards women and mostly young girls, the Biden Brush offers the ability to tame your worst tangles while getting the extra attention and unwanted comfort you didn't know you needed. The Biden Brush will hit store shelves late Q2 in 2019 and all proceeds will go to help Joe Biden in his bit for the Presidential Race in 2020.

The Biden Brush is guaranteed to run smoothly through your hair when you least expect it. The optional upgrade offers a sniffing sound as you stoke your mane. Coming in at an economical $29.99, you'll be sure that those lonely hair brushing sessions will be memorable.

A recent product test came back with 1 out of 10 not needing therapy. No longer do you have to brush alone. You can now set trends with your handy Biden Brush. 

The Biden Brush has a hidden feature that can't be turned off that starts the brush into your hair even when you're not wanting or expecting it. It takes no batteries, and runs solely off the fear of women.

Be sure to pick up your Biden Brush for all of your loved ones, and those who need extra love.


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